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Matthias Politycki Radio

 / englisch / english Next World Novella

Next World Novella
Translator: Anthea Bell    biography

Listed for The Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2012

Guardian Paperback Choice of the Year 2011

The Independent Books of the Year 2011

120pp, paperback with flaps,
2nd ed.
ISBN 978-0-9562840-3-7
English World Rights
Peirene Press Ltd. 2011
Original title: Jenseitsnovelle - Matthias Politycki
published in: Hoffmann und Campe Verlag, 14. September 2009

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A compelling love story – and, at the same time, its worst nightmare

A day with no mercy between man and woman: in a densely composed novella, Matthias Politycki tells us of the joys and miseries of love – and how death can shake all its certainties. A journey to the abysses of loyalty and betrayal, the tragedy of a middle-class love in our times.

Ever since his younger days, the promise held out by women had been barred to Hinrich Schepp, owing to his severe short-sightedness. Now, following an eye operation, our reclusive scholar has stumbled into the world of the fully sighted and is keen to finally fathom the glorious enigma of the opposite sex. All the more so when he spots a seductive beauty at the bar in his local pub.  She is kissed, and even bitten in the neck, by her female companion – to someone like Schepp, an act that is outrageously errant, yet auspicious. His life is definitively thrown off kilter when this very woman turns up again in his pub – serving the customers.

But what has all this to do with the papers left behind by his wife Doro that he finds on the desk one morning? And what about the cold, dark lake into which, according to Doro, all the newly dead must go – and where they must die for a second time?

Published in Germany by Hoffmann & Campe (Hardcover, 2009) and Goldmann Verlag (Paperback, 2011), in England by Peirene Press (2010), in France by Editions Jacqueline Chambon (2011) and in Italy by CartaCanta (2013). Rights also sold to Portugal (Estofres & Versos, 2011).

Why Peirene chose to publish this book:

“This novella deals with the weighty subjects of marriage and death, in an impressively light manner. Shifting realities evolve with a beautiful sense of irony and wit. It is a tone that allows us to reflect –without judgment – on misunderstandings, contradictory perceptions and the transience of life.” Meike Ziervogel


"A German gem found in translation" (The Independent)


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